Best 6 Spring Cleaning Ideas

The cold season seems to be winding up faster to make way for the cheerful spring. It’s once again the time for blossoming cherry trees and booming flowers.

And it’s also the time for thorough cleanup of your home to welcome the upcoming season on a bright note. The post below offers the best spring cleaning ideas to help you out.

Proceed with a list

Spring cleaning is an elaborate task. Thus, it’s best to proceed systematically.

Before you head for this clean-up, create a checklist of the things to be cleaned. This will help to ensure that you do not miss out on cleaning in any of the required areas.

Wipe out the dust

The winter wind brings in layers of dust inside. From your carpet to windows to furniture to door to appliances, everything has to be cleared on the settled dust. Use a clean soft rag to wipe out the dust from doors, windows and furnishing.

Thorough vacuum

After the dry wiping has been done, it’s the time for thorough vacuum. Take the cleaner to the nooks & crannies of your floor, walls and ceiling to suck out dust from every corner of your home.

You should always start from the top while vacuuming. A lot of people start from the bottom and then go to the top. But that’s a wrong way to vacuum.

Besides, try to use a premium HEPA vacuum cleaner for your home. These are vacuum cleaners with advanced HEPA filtration technology. Such cleaners not only remove dust & dirt but also suck out impurities and allergens from the indoor air. Put simply, a HEPA vacuum is crucial for healthy and hygienic indoor air.

Attend your carpets

You can send your carpets to a professional cleaner if it’s the time for the extensive annual cleanup. Otherwise, you can shampoo the carpet all by yourself. Pick a safe gentle shampoo as a wrong selection can leave you with discolored and ruined carpets. Make sure to dry the carpet properly before use.

You must be wondering what to do with the furniture that rests on the carpet when the carpet is still wet after shampooing. Well, you can keep them on the carpet only. But, make sure to lay down wax paper below each leg of each furniture while you put them down on your precious carpet. The paper will shield the guard and also protect your chairs, table and sofa from getting damp while placed on the wet carpet.

Clean your appliances

Spring cleaning is not just about vacuuming the sofas or shampooing the carpet. It also involves thorough cleanup of your regular appliances like refrigerator, microwave, washing machine and dishwasher. You may allot a single day exclusively for cleaning the appliances.

Don’t forget cupboards, cabinets and baseboards

Check out your cupboards, baseboards and cabinets. Wipe them with a dry cloth first and then mop them with a clean damp cloth. Scan the contents that were inside before putting them back after clean-up.

You will find a lot of things that have expired, stuff that you won’t use anymore and things that you will like to giveaway. So, sort out these stuffs and keep them aside. Put back only those items that you will actually use. Try to use gentle eco-friendly cleaners for a safe and green cleaning.